A Month in Tuscany

One of the best parts of my job is getting to meet wonderful people. Every year there are some clients who are special. Working together leads us to develop a friendly relationship which we both know will go beyond the end of their vacation. Dave and Beckie are an example. Their wish to spend a whole month in Tuscany, to truly experience the lifestyle and culture, is a planner’s dream! We collaborated for a year to craft their adventure - which included arranging visits from family and friends during their stay. I know how important this trip was to them, so the fact that it lived up to their expectations is an immense satisfaction for me and all of us at New Tuscan Experience. Receiving their note was icing on the cake! 

Dear Kathy,

We just can't say thank you enough! 

We are so grateful for your help in planning our Italy adventure. We can't imagine that it would have been anywhere near the marvelous time we had without your thoughtful assistance and amazing commitment.

We shudder when we think about how our month in Tuscany would have turned out if we had not relied on you and the team at New Tuscan Experience. From start to finish, you were not only responsive but demonstrated an eagerness to be helpful. 

We are so glad we followed your wonderful ideas and creative suggestions and didn’t force our way forward by asking you to just arrange what we already had in mind. We can see now that would have been a huge mistake and would have resulted in our frustration and regret. 

Your personal commitment to the success of our vacation was phenomenal. We could tell stories about that! We are so grateful we leaned into you. 

We mean it when we say that we had an incredible time thanks in large part to you and your team.

I'm certain we'll have to return soon to Tuscany to refresh our spirits!

Grazie mille!!

Dave and Beckie S. - Atlanta, GA