September 7, 2016

Discovering Chianti and its Castle Wineries

With only a couple of days to see the Tuscan countryside, this couple from Australia asked us to arrange their accommodations and a special private wine tour in Chianti. We are happy to hear that they had a great experience!

Hi Kathy,

We had a wonderful time in Tuscany. Our boutique hotel in Chianti was very nice, with its beautiful grounds, delicious food and lovely pool. Our room was a good size and very comfortable, not that we spent much time in it! The location was perfect; close enough to the village, allowing us to easily walk in, yet far enough out to give the feeling of remoteness. 

We had a fantastic day on our private tour visiting the wineries and San Gimignano, even if the town was quite crowded. It was also very interesting visiting the wineries that you chose because even though they were not very far apart there was a distinct contrast. The first castle had a real wow factor about it, their cellar was magnificent and their wines were very nice. 

The second castle seemed that much older and more rustic. Having our own private dining room for lunch gave the feeling that we were the lords of the manor, plus the food was brilliant. We also loved their wines to the extent that we purchased a box and have had it sent back home. Stefano was a great driver, very friendly and engaging. He had a good knowledge of the area, its history and its landmarks. 

Thank you so much for arranging all of this for us! As I mentioned at the start, our brief stay in Tuscany was absolutely wonderful.

Best Regards,
Scott K. - Melbourne, Australia