October 21, 2018

Tuscany Coast

We were happy to recommend a lovely B&B accommodation in a villa near the coast for 2 couples who were attending their sons’ baseball tournament in Grosseto. This beautiful 6 bedroom house can also be rented out exclusively for larger groups.

Hi Kathy,

The overall experience was awesome. 
The rooms in the farmhouse villa were very inviting. They were spacious, super clean and had everything you needed and were super comfortable and serene. We have sent you some pictures.

The air conditioners in the rooms were clutch and needed during our trip. The setting was beautiful. We were situated in the middle of a sunflower farm, how fitting in Tuscany. Francesca, the owner, made our trip! She was so nice and very helpful with dinner reservations and suggestions on where to tour in the area. She would call ahead to the restaurants and make our reservations for us in the morning. Each and every one of her recommendations was great. Her breakfasts in the morning were delicious. One day she made omelettes the next day fruit tarts. Great Italian coffee!  We looked forward to getting up!

Her support staff were very pleasant as well.

The pool grounds were immaculate and the pool was always clean and refreshing in the hot summer sun. The cabanas where the towels were supplied were always fully stocked. There were a few nights we would have liked to stay longer at the pool but the B&B had a 7pm curfew on the pool. We respected it however it seemed odd in the summer. It was still hot out and sun was still up. 

We loved our experience and were sad to go.  Your company provided exactly the experience we were hoping for.  Bravo!

Thanks again.

Brendan S. - New York, US

October 9, 2018

Family Trip to Tuscany

Hello Kathy,

We really enjoyed our B&B and every part of our trip and excursion. 

We had a fabulous day in Siena—Loved Roberta! She was wonderful!!! Francesco took good care of us, was so kind and informative. 

The lunch and wine tour was amazing!!! All of us thought it was a highlight...can’t wait to get the case of wine we ordered! 

San Gimignano (I can now pronounce it correctly) was a quick hour stop and bought terrific cheese there. 

Thank you Kathy for all of your help coordinating! We will certainly be in touch once again when traveling this way!

All my best to you-
Nancy D. - USA

July 11, 2018

Girlfriends Trip to Tuscany

Hi Kathy,

It was nice to meet you in Florence on Thursday. We loved the tour with Susanne. She is so knowledgeable and charismatic and made the day so exciting for us. In fact, I returned on Saturday to continue to explore the city. Val and Debbie stayed in Panzano. 

Our cooking class was also very enjoyable. Veronica and her daughter were delightful and we enjoyed our time with them. I have invited a friend over tonight for dinner. I will try to make Focaccia! 

The wine tour was amazing also. I had trouble keeping up with the drinking going on as I've always been the lightweight of the group! Everyone was so accommodating and friendly. Francesco was very professional and took very good care of us. 

The villa was great for us. It was the perfect size and we liked the location so close to town. Gabriele was so pleasant and helpful. He made restaurant reservations for us and gave us good advice. 

Overall, we had a lovely visit and appreciate the detail you put into our itinerary. We have great memories that will last forever. The food and wine was amazing and I do not regret the five pounds I've gained!

You will be highly recommended to our families and friends. We hope to be back sometime in the near future.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

With thanks,

Karen (Debbie and Val too!) - New York, USA

June 16, 2018

Family Trip to Tuscany

Hi Kathy,

The entire trip was wonderful!  It really came together so perfectly and exceeded our expectations. You saved me!  Seriously. While I had done my homework with regard to hotels, you came to my rescue in coordinating a logical and achievable itinerary for each day and pairing us with wonderful drivers and tour guides.  Each was so knowledgeable and friendly. 

Your planning was perfect. Your suggestions for what to do made sense so we didn’t wear out the kids. They really stayed engaged thanks to the great kid-friendly approach of each guide. My kids called you Oz, i.e. the master/mistress behind these terrific excursions. 

We especially loved our day of cooking with Eleonora.  That was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.  She was so inspiring that we’ve purchased our own pasta roller and have made homemade pasta each week we’ve been home. 

We miss Italy so much!

We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family for future trips. 

Keri S. - Milwaukee, WI - USA

June 9, 2018

Milestone Birthday Girls' Getaway

Hi Kathy,

We had an amazing vacation—thank you for your help and guidance in planning our “bucket list” 60th birthday celebration in Tuscany!

We had a fabulous time (and definitely did our part to support the Italian economy! ;-)The trip to the Chianti castle winery and Antinori was exceptional—we loved dining in the castle especially. Lunch in Monticchiello was very nice and we loved Pienza and Florence. Dinner in the city was absolutely top notch. Here’s a picture of us on the Ponte Vecchio. 

The pecorino cheese farm was fabulous. The wine and cheese pairings were probably the best we’ve tasted. And the directions were great - no trouble driving and finding the place!

Thank you so much!

Sharon E. - Pennsylvania, USA

June 3, 2018

Romantic trip to Tuscany

Hi Kathy, 

Thanks so much for checking in! We are finally settled back in New York and absolutely loved our trip! 

Tuscany was by far our favorite place from the whole journey

In fact, our cooking class with Eleonora was our favorite activity. We felt like we were cooking with family and had such an incredible time. 

The cheese farm was fantastic and the cheese/Olive oil/Wine all tasted incredible. The boutique winery was also a fantastic add and we walked away with a case of wine… Looking forward to this arriving in NY! :) 

Thanks again for all your help. 
Everyone we encountered was so kind and we wouldn’t have changed a single thing. Our B&B was perfectly situated and we were able to enjoy some beautiful sunsets. 

We will definitely let you know when we are back in Tuscany and will send any friends your way! 

Thanks for everything. 

Jenna Y. - New York, USA

April 20, 2018

Return Visit to Italy

It's always rewarding when our clients get in touch to say the want to return to Italy, and have us help them again to arrange their trip. Last time they came with the family, this time it was a couple's holiday to see more of Tuscany and also to discover Lake Como, the iconic Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast. We are so happy they enjoyed their experience!

Good morning Kathy,

Our trip was fantastic. We had an amazing time. The hotels were lovely and the tours you set us up on were informative and exciting. The drivers and guides were prompt, professional, and very knowledgeable. 

Once again, everything you did for us was perfect. Thank you so much for organizing our trip, you always make our travels enjoyable and memorable. We will definitely use your services again in the future.

Tia and Tom  - San Francisco, CA

January 2, 2018

Tuscany in November

All of us enjoyed meeting this gracious couple and couldn't be happier that they had a good stay. Naturally, we were very pleased, and grateful, to receive such a detailed and enthusiastic review!

Dear Kathy - 

I’m not sure there are adjectives that can describe how wonderful our experience was.  Friends and family have asked about our trip and that is what I have told them - no adjectives to describe the experiences themselves as well as the planning process. I have told everyone how fantastic it was to have you plan our days (and recently sent your info to my friend who will be in Tuscany this summer)!

Our Florence guide, Joanna, was just delightful! We enjoyed our time with her very much. We learned a lot that we had not previously known and hope to have her again on a return trip to see even more of Florence!

On Saturday, we enjoyed the tour at the pecorino farm, the cheese, wine, atmosphere and view immensely. Lunch was delightful and Montefioralle quite picturesque. At our request, the driver Francesco stopped in Panzano so we could pick up salt from Cecchini’s shop. We were so pleased.  

The accommodations in Chianti were just perfect. We were given a delightful room at Castello del Nero with a breathtaking view of the valley.

Even though Sunday was a rainy day (and we got soaked in the woods), we had a fun experience truffle hunting with the truffle hunter (I have forgotten his name but it will come to me). We enjoyed meeting the other couple who joined the hunt with us. They were staying at our hotel also. We ate an amazing lunch together by the fire in the covered veranda. Again just a delightful experience. 

Afterwards, we enjoyed the drive to San Gimignano and were glad to finally visit this village. We bought a lovely urn that was successfully shipped to us and now sits on the shelf above our stove - a lovely reminder of our trip.

Monday was my Spa day at the hotel. What can I say…  the spa was over the top and the massage fantastic. I really enjoyed my day. I also hiked a bit on my own. The grounds at the hotel are beautiful.

Tuesday… Ok, there truly are no words to describe our cooking experience at the olive estate. 

Eleonora and Olivia were a joy to spend time with. The estate is spectacular. We learned so much and have made homemade pasta at our home twice since our return! The lunch was tremendous. 

We will NEVER forget this day and only hope we can return someday.  

The wine tour that followed at the castle winery was, as well, a breathtakingly beautiful place. Of course we enjoyed drinking (and buying) more wine…

Wednesday was a wonderful day spent with Francesco as he introduced us to all things Brunello. We enjoyed tasting and purchasing wine at the wineries. The lunch at the fort in Montalcino was comfortable and delicious. We really enjoyed meeting the proprietor and consuming the wine flight he shared with us. Francesco also took us to a Roman church and Bagno Vignoni. A most memorable Brunello day! Bruce was so pleased.  

At the end of the day we checked into the B&B in Siena - quite delightful.

Thursday we had a great day touring Siena with Antonella! We had been to Siena in 2016 but it was hot and I was cranky and my daughter and I got lost. So my impression of Siena was not particularly positive. Antonella turned that all around! It is always helpful to have a knowledgeable guide to teach you. We really came to appreciate and enjoy Siena. Lunch was wonderful. Would definitely return.

Friday was a wonderful day with Francesco and Antonella - touring Pienza (still enjoying the Pecorino Fresco we brought back with us!), Montepulciano and Monticchiello and taking the scenic drive back to Siena.  

Saturday Francesco picked us up and took us to the winery which was simply beautiful. We took some terrific pictures. And of course the wine was enjoyable and we purchased even more for our cellar. At our request, Francesco took us back to Florence directly where we checked into our hotel, since our flight was very early the next morning.

Francesco picked us up at 4am on Sunday to drive us to the airport! We were so grateful to him for picking us up early and so as to worry about a taxi showing up at that hour.

So there you have it - a quick trip review!  The accommodations were spot on - the excursions as well. And your team (Joanna, Francesco, Eleonora, Olivia and Antonella) were just a delight. I hope we will have a chance to see them all again someday! Thank you so very much for putting this wonderful itinerary together for us. We will never forget this trip.

My best,
Susan A. - Milwaukee, WI.