Family Trip to Tuscany

Hi Kathy,

The entire trip was wonderful!  It really came together so perfectly and exceeded our expectations. You saved me!  Seriously. While I had done my homework with regard to hotels, you came to my rescue in coordinating a logical and achievable itinerary for each day and pairing us with wonderful drivers and tour guides.  Each was so knowledgeable and friendly. 

Your planning was perfect. Your suggestions for what to do made sense so we didn’t wear out the kids. They really stayed engaged thanks to the great kid-friendly approach of each guide. My kids called you Oz, i.e. the master/mistress behind these terrific excursions. 

We especially loved our day of cooking with Eleonora.  That was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.  She was so inspiring that we’ve purchased our own pasta roller and have made homemade pasta each week we’ve been home. 

We miss Italy so much!

We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family for future trips. 

Keri S. - Milwaukee, WI - USA