Chianti Wine Tour

It was a pleasure meeting this nice group from Finland. The five couples requested a full service itinerary to discover Chianti and its wineries, so we gave them just that. Lovely accommodations at a boutique hotel, a private dinner at a renowned castle winery, tasting tours at some of the area's most impressive cellars and an outdoor lunch at a small, family-run organic vineyard and farm - to really give them a feel of the diversity that exists among Tuscany's wine producers. 
We're very happy to have received their messages telling us how much they enjoyed their visit!

Dear Kathy,

We returned yesterday late in the evening from our Tuscany trip. We wish to thank you for the excellent arrangements and program you designed for our trip. I am certain that this kind of a trip will interest our friends as well. We have visited vineyards before but these vineyards were all different and very interesting. The drivers were also great. 
All the best for your enterprise in the future!

Best regards,
Ismo and Eva S. - Rusko, Finland

Dear Kathy,

Once more many thanks to you for all those magnificent arrangements you had done for us. All the wineries and places were so fine and extraordinary. And the drivers were also so exact and friendly and everything! We really enjoyed our visit in Tuscany! Thanks to you!

My best regards,
Tuija L. - Turku, Finland