Two Couples Discover Rural Tuscany - May 2013

Our latest review comes from a foursome of lovely clients who came to us requesting a truly authentic Tuscan experience, focused on meeting locals and discovering the off-the-beaten-path rural farming communities. We worked together to design their ideal itinerary, and with the help of Ellen, an extraordinary guide who works with us, I am happy to think we made their wish come true!

Hi Kathy...
Our expert guide Ellen at work.

We got home yesterday. We loved our time in Italy!

Our time with Ellen was outstanding. She absolutely made our trip! We marvel at her knowledge of history, literature and just about everything. Please know that we will recommend you, Ellen and tell everyone of our great experiences in Tuscany and Umbria.

With Silvana at the pecorino farm.
We also enjoyed meeting Cristiano and his family at the B&B very much. 

On the day Ellen took us women to Lucca, the guys spent the day with Cristiano and had a lot of fun meeting his hunting group and his mother and visiting his two stores in San Gimignano. The coffee and the food we had for breakfast at the B&B was the best breakfast food of our trip.

Our stop in Orvieto was outstanding thanks to Ellen's help. We had fine rooms with views from  the 4th floor and Jude and his wife treated us so well. We ended up having dinner with some good friends of theirs right around the corner, meeting his whole family, taking a lot of pictures of Orvieto and the people we met there. 
Please tell Ellen that I loved the frescos in the Chapel of the Cathedral and her description of it was perfect. I also enjoyed meeting the Michelangelo sisters and visiting their gallery and seeing the wood sculptures.

If I were to give you a short quote about our trip, I'd say, “The best part of Italy is not the scenery, the history or the food… it's the great Italian people you meet."

Thank you both so much.
Pamela F. -  Oregon