October 19, 2012

A Couple's Getaway - June 2012

Hello Kathy!

I’m so sorry for the delay in getting your feedback…. Reentry after being away for 3 weeks has not been easy!

The day in the Tuscan countryside was AMAZING!!! The driver was very nice, he helped us connect with the Sienna tour guide. She too was great!  At different points she discussed what we would be more interested in – going into churches or not - and she was very accommodating when we did change our minds with the Duomo.

The lunch/wine tasting was the highlight of an already great day!! The lunch was great, the views – amazing and the wine!!! It was great experience to do it all on our own and they did not rush us.
We bought two vinegars (they were brilliant!) and a bottle of his wine!

Our next stop, San Gimignano, was beautiful but to be honest after the lunch we did not have much energy to explore too much - but it was worth visiting.

Thank you again for arranging everything! We will definitely spread the word.

Cynthia H. – New York, NY

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